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Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!

Shokugeki no Soma. TBD Ch. Kengan Asura. Go-Toubun no Hanayome. The Breaker: New Waves. Magi - Labyrinth of Magic. Dungeon Seeker. Nana to Kaoru. Tokyo Ghoul. Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo. Kangoku Gakuen. Tokyo Ghoul:re. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Aka Akatoretachi no Monogatari. Masamune-kun no Revenge.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. Okusama ga Seito Kaichou! Eden no Ori. Akame ga Kill! Mahou Sensei Negima! Dragon Ball. Kamisama Hajimemashita. Sun-ken Rock. Mob Psycho ANT Ch. Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage.

30 Top Manhwa (Korean Webtoons) That You Should Check Out (2020)

Ao Haru Ride. Feng Shen Ji. I am a Hero. Sword Art Online. Rosario to Vampire Season II.Hide Ads Login Sign Up. All Manga. Top Manhwa. Next 50 Top Manhwa Rankings are updated twice a day. How do we rank shows? Manhwa 5 vols Jul - May 36, members.

Manhwa 10 vols Jun - Jul 97, members. Manhwa 20 vols Oct - May 67, members. Manhwa 3 vols Jul - Dec 42, members. Manhwa 5 vols Oct - Oct 12, members. Manhwa 6 vols Oct - Aug 14, members.

Manhwa 12 vols Jan - Aug 3, members. Manhwa 9 vols Jun - Oct 3, members. Manhwa 7 vols Sep - Mar 2, members. Manhwa 15 vols - 6, members.

Manhwa 2 vols Sep - Feb 5, members. Manhwa 7 vols Jul - Jan 2, members. Manhwa 6 vols Jul - May 15, members. Manhwa 26 vols - 12, members. Manhwa 7 vols Mar - Jan 13, members.With increasing readers and supporters of webtoon-manhwa the need for good plot increases. While searching for romance webtoons and manhwa to read most of us often get troubled with either lack of proper suggestions or due to the confusion about where to start the list from. More so, checking out every other title falling in our way is extremely tiresome.

Romance is a genre which usually does not go down well alone. Luckily, nowadays a lot of artists thrive to cover the gray area in between two genres and provide us with soul touching stories. None the less it still is tough to pinpoint the stories which take you to a whirlwind of emotions yet keep you full stabilized as it progresses further.

In order to save you from this difficult task at hand of finding a good romance webtoon. We present you with the top 20 romance webtoons — manhwa. With some of the fairly known titles for you to rewind back down the classic memory lane to some of the latest titles with massive fandoms; this list will introduce you to all.

These are ranked backward, so while going through the list keep guessing what titles are going to score the Top 5 mark. A bonus list awaits you at the end of the article. This is a romance-comedy webtoon that takes place in Victorian society.

It is light webtoon with the adventurous couple going about their endeavors.

Top 10 Romance Manhwas

With a creative storyline and unexpected twists, this webtoon never fails to make you laugh. Along with the abundance of comedy, there is no lack of chemistry between the lead characters. Breaking the social boundaries though, still keeping the morals in check this webtoon has a lot to offer.

completed manhwa

The art style is cute and neat with details often left in the plane eye surface. Leading a beautiful and healthy this webtoon never fails to provide you with relationship-goals.

No doubt this webtoon will sometimes make you question your sanity and honestly, that is one of the strongest reasons why you should read this webtoon. This falls in romance-drama genre with a gush of comedy and supernatural.

This might seem pretty intense when evaluating the genres but will never disappoint you.Summary: After ending an on-again, off-again relationship of 10 years, Minsuk decides to foster a Siberian husky named Bexan to mark the start of his new single life.

But Bexan is no ordinary dog Summary: Siyeon, a contract killer, has declared a boycott on men after being screwed over by his ex. That is, until he moves into a penthouse owned by Taekyung, a rich heir with killer looks. Minjae accidentally witnesses a younger guy, Hyeongjo, jerking over the sleeping Assistant Professor Jinhan. From that day on, Minjae continues to suffer both mentally and physically from Hyeongjo. Link: Read Here.

completed manhwa

Welcome to Blood Bank, it's filled with fresh blood. One is a hard-working banker and isn't affected by vampire pheromones.

One day, Shell, the son of an overlord comes to visit for inspection. During One's report, Shell keeps staring at One. And later Link Here.

Summary: Every night at 10, Dong-gyun locks himself up in his room, grabs a box of tissues, and watches a live cam boy show hosted by Alex, a BJ broadcast jockey. One night, Dong-gyun downs too many drinks at a school networking event and passes out. A hunk who looks an awful lot like Summary: Childhood friends Ginu and Yubin live in separate apartments in separate buildings right next to each other - so close, in fact, they can talk to each other and see into each other's apartments through their windows.

But Yubin's long-held secret is revealed one day when Ginu sees him doing something naughty through the window Summary: Gyojin mistrusts all alphas and he despises the society that makes life difficult for Omegas. He manages to find a job, but his superior is none other than Hyeono, his former classmate from middle school who was bullied because of a misunderstanding that involved him.

They settled the misunderstandings, but Gyojin is now bothered because Hyeono started courting him. And this sunbae also turned out to be one of his superiors….

Summary: Due to a huge debt, SeoWon a Recessive Alpha is a scholarship student in college by day, and serves guests as a barman by night. Summary: Naive comic artist Seonho, who draws R series, hires beauty?

However, working with Muyoung who is too task-oriented and has a prickly temperament, turns out to be a little difficult. Seonho asks Muyoung to pose for him one day to help with a sexy scene, but when he saw how erotic Muyoung's pose is, Seonho's "junior" It's hard! It got hard! It finally got hard! Link here. Summary: Dajeong has lived with Dr.

Completed Manhua

Lee Sehyeon for as long as he can remember, but his memories are muddled and don't go back very far. All he knows for certain is that the doctor must give him an injection every day, his diet can only consist of raw meat, and he is forbidden from venturing outdoors. He is, in fact, the last surviving zombie from an outbreak that humanity managed to contain a decade ago, and was the product of an experiment that Dr.

He slowly begins introducing Dajeong to the outside world, but things become more complicated when his undead patient begins to fall in love with him. Summary: After a car accident, Taemin finds himself in the body of Siwon, a victim of bullying at school.

No longer a pushover, he starts standing up for himself but then meets Woojin, an old friend from the past.The thrill of a fist fight between two legendary warriors or the struggle against evil forces, these are just a few example of how the action genre can be put into nearly any story. With so many manhwa out there, though, finding that action centered story may be a bit daunting. Action can indeed be mixed into any one of the dozens of manhwa genres out there. We made sure to really check not only our own mindsets but those of fans to rank some of the best of the best and we think we accomplished that without an issue.

Are you ready to begin reading this action packed list? Wild High has been known to produce some of the most prestigious elites in the nation. The all girls academy has women who have been trained in various martial arts such as boxing to karate. These women train to hopefully be given the chance to fight in the world viewed Wild League. However, deciding to break tradition, Wild High has opened their doors to males for the first time and one of the new applicants come in the form of Song Jae Gu.

Despite having no skills in combat and mediocre grades, as a means to attract new people, the school gave Song a 3 year scholarship, but can this young man survive a school full of tough as nails girls like the Queen? Martial arts is always a great means of providing action to any manhwa.

We guess it just shows there are plenty of butt kicking women out in the manhwa world…this story however is chock full of them.

A true bounty hunter needs to be fearless and tough as nails, all of these qualities and more are embed into bounty hunter Yongbi. While Yongbi might seem like a scary person, he can still charm almost anyone.

One day a young boy approaches the bounty hunter asking for protection. Yongbi notices a strange medallion the boy has he decides to help keep him safe. These two will go forth with dangers lurking everywhere, but Yongbi is ready.

Long ago the world faced potential destruction thanks to the nightmare inducing sorceress Felicia Rand Philistin. Yet, unbeknownst to Felicia, her dark reign would come to a closure quickly. A man rose up and fought this sorceress coming out victorious when he was able to seal Felicia away.

Our story however takes place one thousand years later when Fenix Maian makes an incredibly foolish mistake. Fenix releases Felicia from her imprisonment and now the young boy must somehow stop her from somehow rising again. The Legend of Maian is a fantasy story that will really leave readers wanting more.

Who am I? Who is moon supposed to be himself or this warrior Sa Kyoung Kim? However, for poor Moon that reality seems to be a curse rather than a blessing. Welcome to Threads of Time by the manhwaga Mi Young Noh a great action story with a tinge of psychological aspects to keep the reader guessing.

If you love the action genre as much as we do, check out Threads of Time. One day without warning, the witches are fed up with humanity. Not only do the witches declare war on humans, but they destroy a large portion of the world in their anger.Home Genres Manhwa.

Genre Manhwa Manhwa is the Korean word for comics. Sort by:. Sweet Guy. Once upon a time there was a loser, but that one day he got the ability. Ask what? Light And Shadow. Can the two find freedom, redemption — and love — without drawing their swords on each other? Based on the hit novels by Korean author Ryu HyangSource.

Blood Bank. A world where vampire govern humans! Welcome to Blood Bank, it's filled with fresh blood. One is a hard-working banker and isn't affected by vampire pheromones. One day, Shell, the son of an overlord comes to visit for inspection. During One's report, Shell keeps staring at One. And later Love Parameter. Young Hoon, a nerd guy who always fail in love. He have problem in understanding woman's feeling, that's what make him always getting dumped by his girlfriend.

But one day a mystery guy appear and give him a special glasses, the glasses that will change his life forever. Jang-Mi and Taebong's long-time friendship is put to the test after they both sleep together for one night. Is this love or just sex? Peach Love. However, Peach is the man who stands at the summit of a bloody world where only the fittest may survive. From his conclusion that there will be a limit to protecting Love, Peach makes a reckless plan of making Peach the number one A manhwa with action and zeal as good as shounen, and with love between diverse wacky teenage boys is beginning!

By Random Fujoshis. A young man set forth to avenge his master, a once powerful martial artist who was betrayed by his own men and barely escaped with his life. Armed with his master's supreme martial art techniques, he is ready to bring terror and wreak havoc among the murim.There are so many yaoi ones that everyone basically already know of, so I decided to list my favorite romance ones cause i'm a shoujoshi This is a thing right?

The opposite of a fujoshi? A shoujo-shi???? This manhwa is gold. It has the most perfect story. The men after the heroine are both heart throbbers. He always brings a brings a smile to her. And then theres the new shy gentlemen type that wants to share his passion with you. Love triangles are hard, especially when you like both the guys and you're having just as difficult of a time as the heroine on choosing between them. This manhwa plays so much jokes and relatable content. Aswell as drama that will bring in the readers focus on what's happening.

What even is this manhwa haha. There is so many different highlights to it. Plus a shinigami and ghost people. It's similar to bleach in a very small way that the manhwa even hints at it by bringing up ichigo.

The heroine is so determined to show her love to the guy that you honestly would think this manhwa would do anything to destroy the two from being together.

In some ways it does, but again with her massive determination she is able to get through the obstacles that get in her way of loving her childhood friend. I absolutely love how whack this manhwa is.

THIS this is the adorablest thing you can ever read. It is similar to 19 days where it starts off with a "One day" type of theme. I can't really tell who the main character is, apparently this manhwa was taken off an rpg game or something but that shouldn't stop you from reading because you really end up loving a few of the characters while reading.

completed manhwa

Most of the chapters have this little girl named pengpeng that will brighten the chapter and warm your heart like it did to a big barabara man that follows her around to protect her. Although this manhwa is appealing enough to make matters better the one who draws this is Ibuki Satsuki a chinese artist that captures a very beautiful and amazing illustration on scenery and such.

I often see her drawings for covers in chinese music that i like to often listen too chinese bamboo flute music gives me peace. This manhwa is so hard to grasp on it's events. You have to really focus on whats going on otherwise you can easily be confused.

A boy that is always getting beat because of past mistakes is approached my a bishoujo who will end up taking care of him. I can only imagine how hard it would be to see you're boyfriend everyday with new bruises.

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