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Got you covered. With this body, you can have fun collecting flowers while being warm. This body was made with the intention of being a personal, but it was too cute and I really wanted to make recolors of it. Yeah, this is a repost, but everyone seems to be forgetting who the real queens are these days smh.

Hey there! So please read the description of the tiers if interested in such! Within the tiers there will be a discord server where you can talk with me, meet new people and occasionally share your art work and more! Be sure to spread this post around! Funny thing? I was in a Giorno making spree. I made a Giorno Graal head and a Giorno Avalonia head. It was weird at the start but I got the hang of it. Again, this whore is the worst. View original post. Q escandaloso! View original post 58 more words.

I found this concept on an LoL forum user page Sander but I also used some references from fanarts. I started this project in February I believe but I just got around to make this possible recently as I discovered some of my likings. This is the set so far! I was bored and remembered about the female Jotaro bodies I made back when I was starting female Abbacchio.

Thank you, Rafaela and Dominic, for looking out for me. Thou likewise, fella. Persevering homophobes? Character was designed a long ass time ago but she was just able to glow recently, as the mother of the Denglons.

School is coming up soon and I hope I get as much as free time possible to edit more public uploads.


Wish me luck! Thank you for dealing with my depressive ass lol. They also have sites, just tap on their names to check them! Im a blue and pink haired snail.

Mas parece que tem muita gente feia no graal ainda. My friend has jinxed it and said it was going to break, if it does, I will be so sad.

It is a bit of a joke, but also something to take our minds off things. We write how we think things work out, like a time-line or… Shipping consequences… Cough. It has major character development as from someone going from cute and innocent to cute and deep.How you guys doing?

Well here are the couple set from the preview that I posted like a year ago lol. I decided to make different skin and hair colors for this set soo its a LOT of uploads. There are 4 skin colors for each hair color. I post 2 different hairstyles for the girl and boy uploads and each have 3 different gifs and also have without gif. For the girl heads I put the corresponding body for that head next to it. And I put the couple uploads of the boy and girl that match next to each other but obviously you can choose whichever one you want to be a couple.

These bodies are cc. Do not forget to click the transparency box in the upload page for all these bodies! I edit the boy body but it originally belongs to zoeygraalxo. I post two heads with different hair color. Each have 3 gifs and two without gif. Also some of them have different emotions.

I will post with gif and without gif. Hello everyone :D. This is my 1st time here. I will soon post some girl uploads for you guys. Please wait patiently. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Ever since i was kicked by Region for my attitude it looks like i havent learned shit from my own stupidity.

I was heading in the correct direction, i was going to get rewards like 4k statue, 6k statue or the fact i was going to be able to wear one of my own hats in game, my own creations.

I even had the pleasure to be in the list for Khan for Crypt but again my own stupidity and idotic thinking ended it all. Rolyn thank you for hitting me up and asking for help with my own shitty gfx for LightsOut my work is ass. Thank you Nxssa for being a good ass friend and still being chill with me after all the shit i talked.

Male heads

My own attitude has brought me to where i am now, nothing basically. All of you will be missed, being a part of you guys was an honor. Goodbye and Thank You LightsOut. Skip to content April 10, cmarti35 4 Comments. March 24, March 24, cmarti This content is password protected.

To view it please enter your password below: Password:. September 3, cmarti35 Leave a comment.

Male Heads

Sincerely -Skribblez. May 1, September 3, cmarti Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Hmm which? Problem x. Pingback: male fail Merri GFX. Type in this site, tinyurl. Put your email in. Choose the file from your pc, know whether you have to set transparency or not.

Graal Era: NOOB TRIES TO FIND A LOVER(Challenge)

The reason why i put my name on the back of the heads is to prevent people from stealing my gfx. Many has claimed that they made the head and etc.

graal era male heads ifile

Go find a different head, instead of complaining. Even better, go learn how to do your own gfx. I wanted to ask ,If I could pick some of your heasand recolor them? So i loved all! So the very first top row of heads, like the second heads. Can you make the eyes like gold colored? I uploaded one of your heads, miss, but unfortunately, I changed my mind and I currently cannot sell it for it will not even let me wear it. Clara, Linda or iFrost, I was wondering how you make the background stars!

Belle and myself are having a little trouble trying to get the stars and other animation backgrounds. We can only find balloons, which we do not really like. Thanks we love your site we get most of our head and body edits from here.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.How you guys doing? Well here are the couple set from the preview that I posted like a year ago lol.

graal era male heads ifile

I decided to make different skin and hair colors for this set soo its a LOT of uploads. There are 4 skin colors for each hair color. Hi guys. Thank you so much for 47k views f or and 61k views overall! The difference in views in compared to views in is huge. This is a preview of a couple set.

I will make gifs for the heads and the bodies are cc. The girl head I edit from ruvcogfx. I will post these uploads sometime next week. Hi everybody. I am going to be busy and I will not post often for a while cri. Hope you guys understand.

graal era male heads ifile

Today I post girl head uploads with different hair color. And there is 2 versions one that has freckles and one that has no freckles for each hair color. I post with gif and without gif too. There is 2 cc bodies for each hair color. I hope you like them. If the admins do not accept the bodies is ok that is era being dumbwait an hour and upload it again.

Do not forget to click the transparency box in the upload page for all these bodies! I hope you guys understand.

Male Heads

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. Cami Cami. Post to Cancel.Click on custom that you like — it will open in new tab. Save image from new tab. Then you can upload it to GraalOnline and it will work! If you save thumbnail, you lose all the extra features! All-in-one Drag and Drop viewer to test out heads and bodies hats and shields before you upload them to the game — works for PC and iOS.

Also check out our full Graal Male Head customs archive. Using gralats, you can buy custom bodies, heads, and other artwork in Graal universe! I found 2 fantastic heads,but theyre not 32 by pixels…how do i fix this? Caus i very like them. So seen a guy with todoroki from my hero academia head how would I get that same head on era? Leon February 23, Reply. Great collection of heads. Are you going to add new custom graal heads soon? The LoxianShow June 8, Reply.

Lmao Leon I need the Dwarf head tho. Kentjohntan April 18, Reply. Brandon July 7, Reply. Sasuke June 29, Reply. Alex Cazzaro August 1, Reply. Ryder December 16, Reply. Can I ask you to pay the money and make a head? JaeEmile November 20, Reply. Paul squire February 15, Reply. Amanda Serna February 24, Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.I made them from scratch. Kinda gave up on the top part of the head so I slapped on whatever haha.

I made this as a giveaway for a raffle some time ago, but it got ifiled and so on. I kinda gave up when it came to shading the hair cuz I was lazy, so I just slapped on some random shading without a light source…nonsense shading lol. Also, just asking for a friend… is anyone interested in commissioning?

I was gonna post files on my bday, but I forgot lmao. On another note, playing Graal has been pretty irrelevant to me for awhile now. You can contact me on Rhys. Just a heads up though, I do work and go to college so please be aware that if you do intend to commission me, it may take a few days or up to weeks or so for me to complete it depending on my schedule.

Momo Me — I re-shaded the face and the hair was basically done from scratch. TotoroGfx — Color Palate. These uploads were removed from this site because they were smaller edits.

I made the legs slightly thicker, removed a few buttons, and indexed the body as well so make sure to give credit to MiyabiGraal. Stop editing personal customs that do not belong to you. Obviously, if it was not posted on our sites not including ifile sites then it was not meant for public use. Huge, huge, huge, thank you to those who have supported me throughout the year. I am very grateful to those who have inspired me to create GFX as well.

Since these were made from scratch, I would appreciate it if you did not remove my watermarks unless it is a major edit. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all. I am truly thankful for you guys and all the love and support that you have given me this year. Due to certain reasons, I may or may not continue to post graphics. It depends on my schedule this upcoming year. On a side note- Graal Online Classic was hosting a player graphics submissions contest, so I sent in a few entries!

The goal was to have at least one entry accepted and luckily for me, they all were approved! The kitsune masks were inspired by the character I got my name from Miyabi and the forest crown is just something random I thought of after staring at a blank gimp page for an hour and a half. I noticed there were some areas that I could have fixed the shading like the flower for instance…which is hideousbut I realized I could have improved it days after they were submitted so…too bad I guess.

graal era male heads ifile

Special thanks to Sarzar for helping me with the hue shifts on the masks! Color shifting is not my forte.

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