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Straight Talk phones are undoubtedly unique in more than one ways. The problem is that Straight Talk Phones requires being unlocked before they can be used with any other service provider. This unlocking is different than what it means to unlock a smartphone screen.

When we unlock our smartphones screens, it is basically opening a cover lock to access the interface. But, Straight Talk Phones gets locked especially.

While trying to use a different service provider or in case you forget your key passwordall the device features are rendered unusable till you unlock your device. While the method to unlock Straight Talk Phone is not that hard to digest, the sheer number of steps gets difficult to remember. For that purpose, we have today brought to you a detailed step by step guide to help you unlock Straight Talk Phone with ease. Straight Talk is another child of Tracfone and Walmart. Straight Talk is only available via Walmartor you can buy it directly from its own website.

The process to unlock Straight Talk Phone starts by obtaining the unlock code. The company itself provides the unlock code. The customer care executive will ask for all the necessary details required to further the request for obtaining an unlock code. There we go.

How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

We tried to down the step to bits and pieces so all of them should be easy to follow. We hope you have succeeded to unlock your Straight Talk Phone! Home Softwares. Top 6 Homework Planner Apps to Use in All Removal Guides. What you need to know about Employee Data Storage and Payroll…. How To. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here.If you have got a Straight Talk iPhone, it is most likely that your device works only for a specific network.

To continue using your phone with other service providers or carriers, you are supposed to unlock the device first.

Unlock Straight Talk iPhone 6 To 11 Free And Paid Services (2020)

The unlocking process might seem complex and difficult for you. To help you with a variety of ways to unlock your Straight Talk iPhone, we have come here to offer you with a bunch of solutions that you can try to unlock Straight Talk iPhone.

Method 1 : Requesting your Carrier to Unlock.

how to unlock a straight talk iphone

You can get help from the Straight Talk authority if you follow their unlock policy. You are required to meet the four condition mentioned below to get unlock support from Straight Talk:. If you meet the criteria mentioned above, you can officially u nlock Straight Talk iPhone without much ado. Here are the steps you will need to follow:.

If your request to the carrier bears no fruits for you, you can try one of the three alternative methods we are going to discuss below with their advantages and disadvantages:.

The first alternative method can be applied by using specialized software. However, this is not a sure-fire way to work. It just carries the possibility.

If you make changes in your device with software, that will not be permanent and can easily be overwritten. What software can do is just making some small changes to the software. However, we prefer it before going to try the hardware options for unlocking.

Note that, it is effective, but the effect might not be permanent. In case you update you on the version of your iOS or restore any backup, your iPhone will go back to locked again. This kind of unlocking can be compared with jailbreaking. Though you might get full access to your device, when you try any new iOS, you will have no access to anything anymore.

Though this is another possible alternative for getting your Straight Talk iPhone unlocked, this involves high risk. It requires working with the components or body parts of the iPhone when you go for hardware unlocking. If you let a person do this who is not completely familiar with all the components of the iPhone body, you might end up getting your device bricked.

It this happens, your device will remain no more usable. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this method:. This is the best method we can suggest to unlock the Straight Talk iPhone. It is not as temporary as the first alternative and not as risky as the second one mentioned above.

No matter what model, carrier and iOS version your iPhone come with, this technique works the best for all the models and iOS versions. This system requires communicating with the servers of both the carrier and Apple. Your device is whitelisted to get an exemption from the IMEI check. You will find many teams of professionals with their websites to do this for you in exchange for some fees.

It is not very easy to unlock the Stright Talk iPhone. However, now that we have mentioned here all the ways on how to unlock a Straight Talk iPhone, we believe that you can get your iPhone device unlocked and enjoy the services without any worries. This is John Mason.Of all service providers, unlocking an iPhone from Straight Talk has proven to be one of the hardest.

But not to worry, we have a few solutions to try out. Your first option is to get in touch with the carrier directly. Before talking about the details, you need to learn the Straight Talk iPhone unlock policy. In accordance with Straight Talk iPhone unlock policy, there are 4 conditions you must meet to unlock your iPhone through them:.

Use the steps below to unlock your Straight Talk iPhone through the carrier. Step 1 — Head over to the Straight Talk iPhone unlock page. Based on past experience and user reviews, the Straight Talk iPhone unlock service is nowhere near reliable.

First is the software route. Whenever you upgrade your iOS version or restore a backup, the iPhone will lock again.

Having the hardware unlocked is another option you have but comes with a high risk. Regardless of the method you use there are a few different ways to do hardware unlockthere are a few things to keep in mind:.

If you want to sell an old iPhone but wish to unlock Straight Talk iPhone first, try another method first. This type of unlock offers the best chance of unlocking your iPhone regardless of the model, iOS version, or carrier, which means you can unlock any models of iPhone with it. Thus, eliminating the SIM lock that is placed on your iPhone! Usually, this method is offered by professional websites for a small fee. There are no risks involved and all you have to do is hand over some basic device information, pay the charge, and wait.

Their IMEI unlock service makes the process straightforward and easy for multiple reasons:. All it takes is a few days of processing and your patience, and the professionals at DirectUnlocks will unlock your iPhone with ease. Step 1. Step 2. Select your iPhone model iPhone 6 and country. Then enter the IMEI number of it. Step 3. After you pay for it, you can track your order according to your IMEI number and it will unlock your Straight Talk iPhone 6 within 24 hours. Some notable benefits of using this site are:.

This site also offers a few other services too.And as its parent company Verizon makes 4G LTE phones which are on post-paid plans, these phones are made unlocked by default.

Whatever may be the case, Straight Talk phones will need to unlock to use it on another network. Moreover, if not some, but at least one of the prerequisites needs to meet in order to unlock your phone.

An exception is made for military personnel who may not be required to meet all the above requirements except that the phone should not be blacklisted. Only once all these prerequisites meet can the customer reach out to Straight Talk who will then give them, text them, or email them straight talk phones unlock code.

Within seconds it will be disclosed whether the phone will be unlocked free of cost from Straight Talk. Straight Talk has made the process of unlocking very easy. At the start ensure the straight talk phones unlock code is handy, and then proceed with the process. Once the Straight Talk phone is unlocked, it can be taken to at least three carriers. Since Straight Talk is Verizon owned, it can be used on Verizon. However, if the phones are of prior make then to use them on GSM carriers.

Make sure that they have the necessary radios and hardware support for calling, text messages, and 4G LTE data. Check Also: Which U. Just like other carriers out there, Straight Talk has set up some bureaucratic procedures in order to protect their sovereignty. When one does not meet the pre-mentioned requirements, then the request to unlock the phone is denied. As a generous measure though there is a last resort. There is a provision to use third-party service to unlock any Straight Talk smartphones.

With the use of a third-party unlocking company. Phone can get operative in no time, on another network, minus the fuss of the red tape from your carrier. This though has some cost accrued to it. Before going for any kind of collaboration with a third party though, do a thorough background check and make sure their reputation is clean and credible, otherwise this can take a hit on the cash flow in exchange for the transaction.

While the requirements put forth by Straight Talk are few in number, still these are quite rigid. For example, to have a straight pay-as-you-go service at a stretch of 12 months is difficult to put up with as a prepaid service since prepaid plans are not preferring by many.

But take heart as you are still not out of luck despite not fulfilling the requirements of unlocking a smartphone. As has been reported, a third party service is a great last resort. Though these Straight Talk Phones unlock code may come at a nominal cost. This will at least enable you to bypass the barriers that have been put forth by Straight Talk.Announcement: How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. If you get unwanted calendar invites or event notifications on your iPhone, learn what to do.

How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Aug 31, PM. If your iPhone is locked to a different carrier than the one that you want to use, follow the instructions here:.

How to Unlock Straight Talk Phone With Ease | Step-wise Guide

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how to unlock a straight talk iphone

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User profile for user: misre Question: Q: unlock iphone5s on straight talk More Less. Ask a question Reset.Trying to unlock your smartphone on Straight Talk? Either way, your Straight Talk phone needs to be unlocked to use it on another network. Follow along below! Unlike popular opinion, Straight Talk phones come locked, not unlocked. The confusion is that since Straight Talk is owned by Verizon, who ships phones as unlocked, Straight Talk phones would be unlocked, too.

Provide your deployment papers, and Straight Talk will honor the unlocking request. Once you meet the prerequisite, you can call up Straight Talk and have them give you, text you, or email you an unlock code.

Unlocking a Straight Talk phone is easy. First, make sure you have the unlock code handy, and then we can proceed with the process. After you unlock your Straight Talk phone, you can take it to at least three carriers. You can use it on Verizon, as Straight Talk is Verizon owned.

Unfortunately, you might not have great luck on Sprint and its subsidiaries. Straight Talk, just like other carriers out there, has some red tape in place that makes it difficult to unlock a phone. Luckily, as a last resort, you can use a third-party service to unlock your smartphone. Using a third-party unlocking company can get your phone operating on another network in no time, and without all of the red tape from your carrier.

Having to have months of straight pay-as-you-go service is a difficult one to meet as a prepaid service, as not everyone sticks with prepaid for long. As we mentioned, a third-party service is a great last resort.

Power on your phone.


Enter the unlock code when prompted. We will receive sales commission if you purchase items using our links. Learn More.The Straight Talk provider is probably the hardest to unlockand this is evident from the hundreds of users who publish dissatisfied messages on the internet.

In general, all network providers have specific and unique unlocking policies, but the most common ones are:. The truth is that in the case of a Straight Talk iPhone, these limitations are not very important especially when you want to unlock an iPhone through them But you should check it anyway to see its current Blacklist status — It will help you to identify if an iPhone can operate inside USA or has other limitations. All you have to do is go to their website, type in the IMEI number of your iPhone, and they will inform you if this iPhone is eligible for unlocking or not.

If they decide to reject the unlock request, they will not reveal the reasons that led to the failure of unlocking your iPhone. In just a few seconds, you will know if your iPhone will be unlocked free of charge from Straight Talk. Based on our year experience, Straight Talk has unlocked only 20 iPhones out of about 1, unlocking requests we have submitted.

Unfortunately, there are many hardware unlock methods, and most of them have not achieved the desired results, which is unlocking a Straight Talk iPhone. We tried them all on the same Straight Talk Mobile and fortunately, one managed to unlock it. Average rating 4. Vote count: No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. Hey, I am Makis. Despite being a tech freak, I spent too much money and time trying out fake services and iOS exploits until I found UltraSnow. EU and managed to unlock my iPhone with success.

Soon afterward I became part of the team in order to help people like me through Quora or here and right now iPhone Unlocking is my cup of tea! My mom was recently in the states and bought me an iPhone6s.

how to unlock a straight talk iphone

How do I get it unlocked? And can I get assistance?? It depends on which network your iPhone is locked to, its blacklist status and the reason of that blacklist If it is indeed blacklisted.

I purchased a brand new iphone 6s for my daughter in the United States. I was told it was not locked to any network. It is currently locked to straight talk. They do not offer services in Canada, and will not unlock the phone. I did not sign any contract, i simply purchased a phone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Did you contact the ones that sold you this iPhone and explain them that they sold you a Straight Talk USA locked one?

Thank you for this article. However, I am still a bit lost. The iPhone 6 I bought used, is locked to straight talk. There is no way for me to get in contact with the carrier, it just seems impossible. I do not live in the united states, I was only there on vacation, so I feel lost. Also tried 3rd party unlocking service, which I think was also a scam as they said it was fixed, but it did not work… So frustrated.

Can you help me unlock my iPhone 6? Hi Frida and thank you for your kind words.

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